Monday, June 10, 2013

Pit Stop!

B's last field hockey tournament was close to home this weekend so we all got to go.  While hubby and I were beyond excited to sit side by side and watch B play, I am not sure the boys shared our sentiment.  In all fairness, what young boy would like to give up a day at the pool to watch his big sister play a game they don't understand?  I don't think that they even really saw their sister's three goals.  That said I am happy to report that the boys were good as gold and B's team took first place by winning all four of their games!

So we felt the best way to reward first place, three goals and well behaved brothers was a stop at a roadside creamier.  And I have to say that all five of us were more than happy we stopped!  Home-made ice cream made from farm fresh cream - really does it get better than that??!!!

1 comment:

  1. congrats to your daughter!! I completely understand where you are coming from, when my son has some sporting event my daughters are not happy to be there, especially my 4 year old. Sometimes it is just easier for 1 of us to stay home with the girls


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