Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Not Preppy!

Our cul-de-sac has many beloved traditions such as Friday night cocktail hour, a progressive Christmas party and fireworks on the 4th of July just to name a few.  Then there is another tradition that is loved by all but me - Mohawk Night!

All of the older boys look forward to this night like you would not believe.  Me, not so much.  It goes against everything preppy and what I hold dear!!!

But I can't say no to M each summer when he asks if he can get one.  I really could not this summer after all the hard work M put in at school.  As he sat down to get his mohawk, Hubby kindly reminded me that it would only last two weeks top.  M's hair grows super fast and he will need a proper hair cut before the 4th.

It might not be the hair style I wish for M but how can I not just love that smile!?!


  1. You are a good mom. I would probably cry :-)

  2. Oh my goodness…. I took my little guy once to get his hair cut at Sweet'n Sassy (since his sister was getting her hair cut too) and they styled his hair into a mohawk. He hated it & as soon as we got in the car he was smoothing it down with his hands and declared that I never take him there again…my lil prepster:)

    Yeah for M's fast growing hair & he still looks awfully handsome…love the smile!!!

  3. Ok, that is a hilarious tradition. Maybe he will get it all out of his system now and never crave the whole mohawk, motorcycle, tattoo trifecta when he's older!


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