Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh Yes We Did!

When one of your besties sends out a group email to all of your best friends suggesting you all go to a concert together you just say yes.  The idea of a night dancing and giggling with friends before the Fall rush starts sounded too good to pass up!

Tickets were purchased and car pools were formed.  Blankets and picnic baskets were packed.  (We might have over packed food since we had a whole blanket buffet!) I may or may not have eat my weight in peanut M&Ms but in my defense we can't have them at home due to L's allergies. 

We took plenty of photos. Each and everyone of those photos were filled with huge smiles. As I looked though all of our Facebook posts of the night I felt very blessed to be part of this great group of women!

Oh and we might have been at a Ke$ha concert. I might have only known two of her songs and was a little lost at times. But that is neither here nor there!  Hanging out with your besties is what matters...and dancing the night away!!!


  1. Ha! Ke$ha! Sounds like sooooo much fun!!!! Girls' nights are the best therapy!

  2. Who really cares who is performing, right?! Best kind of nights!

  3. Blessed indeed! Fun ladies and fun memories!

  4. Oh you went to Wolf Trap! Nice! Love that place, so close to my house!

  5. Absolute fun! I just heard a woman in her 70s say she went to a Beyonce concert with her Granddaughter! Ladies having fun all around the world!!!

  6. Looks like sooo much fun!!! Cupcake is my go-to wine for all my girl parties. I think I like the name as much as the taste.


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