Monday, August 5, 2013

VBS Wrap-up

One of our summer events that the kiddos look forward to the most is VBS on the Cape.  Our parish on the Cape has a wonderful Faith Formation Group that excites my children year after year.  The only difference this year was that L was old enough to join in all the fun.

And from what I heard L made the most of his first week at VBS!  He enjoyed every craft and snack.  Plus he raised his hand to answer every question...even when he didn't know the answer.  Once again he reaffirmed my belief that he is no shrinking violet!!!

It was also a big year for B too since she was L's personal camp leader.  Due to the severity of L's food issues it was thought that L would do best with a little bit of extra help from his sister.  B did a wonderful job helping her brother out all week.  And I am happy to report he did not get a single hive all week at VBS.  (If you knew L, you would know that this was a really big deal.)

One of the reasons I think my kiddos love VBS so much is that it wraps up with a family BBQ and dunk tank.  Not sure if it truly was the Christian thing to do but B had no problem dunking her brother, M, with one throw!


  1. Aww great pics! Brings back memories. My girls loved VBS as a camper and as a counselor.

  2. So glad they all had a wonderful time & big sisters are the best!!!


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