Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation Wrap-Up

We are finally back home after over two wonderful weeks at the Cape. It might have been our shortest trip to the Cape but is certainly was one of our best. Hubby and I did not get to put our feet up and read on the beach but we got to do so much as a family this year!

All five of us finally got to attend a Firebirds game.  The Firebirds are our favorite Cape Cod Baseball League team and they will be playing for the CCBL championship! Go Firebirds! 

We got to spend time with our best friends from college and their sweet family.  After all of our kids worked off a ton of energy at the park we headed to dinner at Chapin's in Dennis, MA. And we were super excited when we ran into even more college friends at dinner.  I just love how we always get to run into people on the Cape since that very rarely happens at home.

When we spent a day in Harwichport, B was overjoyed that she finally was tall enough to ride the go-karts alone.  All I can say is bless her heart!  I will never let her drive a car after what I saw this Summer!!!

Of course we made many trips to Sundae School.  The only mistake I made was that I agreed to split one of their famous hot fudge sundaes.  My waist might have benefited but I really wanted it all to myself!

It was a great trip filled with memories and stories that we will be re-telling for a long time.  Thanks for letting me share some of them with you!!!


  1. So glad you had a chance to make wonderful memories with your kids and reminisce with longtime friends…the best vacation combo!

  2. Great photos!!! Looks like a great vacation!


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