Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Great Day For A Race

Our town has held a Turkey Trot on Veterans Day for the past eight years.  It has always been a super fun race for two great causes   Today's race benefited Sweats 4 Vets and our local community center.

After we watched Hubby start his race we looked for the Sweats 4 Vets donation box.  The we got great seats at the finish line.  I knew that Hubby was going to have a fast race and I did not want to miss his finish.

As we waited for Hubby the boys turned their cow bells into "light sabers".  What is it with boys and turning everything into a light saber!?!

Hubby had a strong finish (second place) and a PR.  What more could one man ask for?  And his biggest fan was so proud of his dad.  It was a melt your heart kind of a moment.

If your town is not holding a Sweats 4 Vets there are still many ways that you can give to those who have given us so much.  If you have leftover Halloween candy you could donate it to our troops through  And who does not love to get a letter in the mail!?! You can write to our troops through and  Plus there are a ton of other great ways to reach out to our troops; past, present and future 

Happy Veterans Day!

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