Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just A Shadow

This year when I got an email from one of my favorite stationary stores, The Dandelion Patch, letting me know that silhouette artist Keith Donaldson was taking sittings I did not hesitate. Even though I did not get my first choice for sitting times I was more than pleased since we never made the wait-list in 2011 and 2010.

There was no wait when we arrived and Mr Donaldson got to work on L first.  L sat on my lap and tried his best to sit still.  Those that know him well know that this is not his strong-suit! But despite all of L's sudden moves Mr Donaldson's free-hand silhouette truly captured my sweet son.

Next up was M and I thought I would have a chance to see Mr Donaldson in action but that was not to be!  The Dandelion Patch has a ton of Melissa and Doug toys and puzzles so I pretty much had to chase L around the entire store!

B was kind enough to try and take some pictures for me because there was no way I could take a single pic and guarantee that L was not going to break everything!

While B posed for her silhouette M watched in awe!  "He held the paper with one hand and just cut with the other! Awesome!!!"  And we were all so very happy with the final products...

My Hubby might not understand why I am so giddy to finally have our children's "shadows" but I love that he loves that I am happy!  Happy wife, happy life - right!?!


  1. Those are fabulous! I had silhouettes made of my boys a couple of years ago and I LOVE them :) They totally make my dining room.

    1. I hope to find frames and good spot in our home soon!


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