Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Children With Opinions

Monday and Tuesday are teacher work-days here in NoVa, so I  thought it was the perfect time to take my kiddos to see "Wreck It Ralph".  My children have been looking forward to this movie since they saw the previews in June.  I have to admit that I was looking forward to the movie too! And I must say that we were not the only ones who thought it was a good day for an early movie.  It was packed!!!


After we rushed into to claim the last four seats in a row, we got an extra large bag of popcorn. I brought three brown paper bags with us to the theater and divided the popcorn among the bags.  First time ever that we did not have a major spill when passing the popcorn bag back and forth!

B thought the movie was awesome!  Her favorite part was when Ralph figured out that Vanellope was never meant to be a glitch.  M loved that Ralph gave the homeless game characters a new home in "Fix It Felix Jr." in the game's new bonus level.  He might have had several laughing fits during the movie...I love those!!!

L's thoughts on the movie are a little all over the place, but we can't ask too much from a four year old.  He would like you to know that he loved it when Ralph and Vanellope made a race car together with "the icing" but he wants to give too much away.  So please forgive me for not giving you L's full review.

How lucky am I to spend my day with these wonderful kids!?!


  1. What a brilliant idea with the paper bags for the theater ... I am quite impressed!

    1. Thank you April! Your blog has always impressed me so I feel very honored!!!


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