Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flash Bunco!

What is Flash Bunco you ask?  It is when your two super sweet hostesses tell you that they will be picking you up at 2 pm and you need to be wearing something orange.  I might have had some issues with not know where we were going and the fact that I had to wear orange.  Orange is not my signature color!

Our first stop was Sunset Hill Winery in Loudoun County.  Sunset Hills is one of my favorite spots in all of Loudoun.   Beautiful views, yummy food and great local wine.  What's not to love?

The only unfortunate thing that happened at Sunset was that I rolled a Bunco.  Normally this would be an awesome thing.  But for some cruel reason our hostesses thought that those who rolled a Bunco should wear an orange mask. Like I said, orange is not my color.  Never has been never will be!!!

After round one we were back in our chariots and off to our second location.  Many guesses were made but we were all wrong!  Our second stop was the Starbucks at a local Harris Teeter.  For real!!!

Each time an announcement was made in the store I was beyond certain we where going to be kicked out.  You can not image the looks we got from people as they were checking out. While I will not name names, someone may or may not tried to stage a mutiny.  I cannot tell you how much we giggled as we rolled the die and enjoyed some cupcakes!

After the fastest round ever we were off to our final destination.  We all loved that our last stop was Above Ground Winery.  And I was overjoyed that our hostesses gifted me with some peanut M&Ms as I cannot eat them on a regular basis since our youngest has a peanut allergy. How lucky am I that my friends are so kind and caring about my son's allergy!!!


As always, we have a great time chatting and catching up with everyone.  North or South, true girlfriends make our lives better!!!!


  1. Never played Bunco before, but it looks like a fun evening :) My boys have peanut allergies as well, and my friends are always making fun of me and my Hubby for stuffing our faces with peanut M&M's when we are out! I thought I was the only one! How old is your son?

  2. I had never played Bunco before we moved to NoVa. It is fun way to spend a night with friends. Our youngest is four and he is allergic to peanuts and eats. Our oldest is ten and she is allergic to fish and shellfish. She is also gluten free due to Celiacs. And our middle is seven and could eat whatever his hearts desire but he is the worlds pickiest eater. I plan to talk more about our meals soon....


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