Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Worlds Collide

All the years I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show I remembered hearing Oprah's little plug for "Chicago's Magnificent Mile".  So of course I made Hubby go shopping on Michigan Ave this past Saturday afternoon.  As we were enjoying our shopping and people watching, I could not help but notice the beautiful way the city's trees where dressed up for the holidays.  I was pleasantly surprised to see magnolia leaves in Chicago.  So pretty!  I can't wait to mix my magnolia leaves with evergreen branches next week.

Saturday night at my cousin's wedding there continued to be Southern touches.  There were many candle lit lanterns used as wedding decor.  To me they had a Charleston feel to them, but then again I have not been back to Charleston in six years.  Regardless, they gave off such a pretty glow!

And the menu also had some Southern dishes.  I might have indulged in more than one deviled eggs.  And Hubby enjoyed the "Georgia Pork" that was accompanied with "cheesy polenta".  You say polenta, I say grits!

While there were many "Southern Living" touches to my cousin's wedding, the best part for me was being with my Jersey cousins.  You should have seen us on the dance floor!

No matter where you live, having cousins that you truly love hanging out with is an awesome blessing!!!


  1. Your dress is awesome :) Hubby is from Jersey. Every now and then look out!!

    1. Thanks Gabi! Sounds like your hubby would get alone with my Jersey fam;)

  2. Oh how I love magnolia leaves interspersed for the holidays!! Having lived in Charlotte and frequent visits to Charleston...I adore the South!

    And, you look GORGEOUS in blue!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth


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