Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something Old Is New Again

In 2005 we moved from a cute but very small townhouse to a brand new single family house.  The increase in space was great but the downside is white walls from here to there and a need to furnish a much bigger space!  Have I mentioned how much white walls remind me of the NICU - can't stand them!!!!  So I am sure you understand why I am overjoyed that my mother comes down to NoVa year after year to help me clip away at my "to do" list.

This summer we had to make new curtains for the dining room which was unfortunate.  See last year we made perfectly good curtains but the fabric had a light background and we did not use a blackout liner.  Lesson learned!!!

So yesterday I took those "bad" curtains and turned them "good".  I used them to recover Hubby's
Grandmother's dining-room chairs.  This past Sunday Hubby was kind enough to take all the seat
bottoms off the chairs and uncover them.

Before I started cutting I took the time to press the curtains.  I have to admit that things went smoother than I thought they might.  I laid two seats side by side and then cut the old curtains.  At times it was hard to cut my mother's fine hand sewing.

In high school AP Art they made us stretch our own canvas and so I used that same technique with Granny's chairs.  I am sure that I could have made it look better given more time and practice but there are only two little boys who will see the underside of these chairs on a weekly basis.  I hope I am not the only mom with boys who think a dining room table is the world's most perfect fort!

As soon as I saw Granny's chairs re-covered next to my mom's brand new curtains I started to rethink our dining room rug, which I dislike with a passion. Questions, comments, concerns?

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  1. I love the your Granny's chairs and your new curtains....would love to see a fresh rug...perhaps a stripe or a pretty color. I spotted some pretty blue rugs on e-rugs and also over at West Elm.

  2. I think recovering chairs is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a space. Maybe you could paint the walls to make it look different? The curtains you have up now are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful job; I just re-upholstered a chair myself!


  4. Thanks for sharing, Lobster! Using your old curtains to upholstering your grandma’s chairs really amazed me. I often turn ours into a valance for our kitchen windows, especially when it’s made of sheer fabric.

    Roxie Tenner


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