Monday, November 26, 2012

What To Do?

Growing up, my mother never decorated for Christmas before Advent started.  I have done the same thing now that I have a family of my own.  I know that a lot of people like to get to decorating quickly but this plan has worked well for me since it gives me time to unpack from our yearly Thanksgiving trip to my parents and put away our Thanksgiving decorations without feeling rushed. 

But it is not that simple this year.  Advent will start on December 2nd this year and we will be hosting dinner on December 1st for our neighborhood progressive holiday party.  So what is a gal to do?  I did what any crazy lady would do; I simply asked Hubby to take the kiddos to Wegmans (we really had no food) and I decorated our living-room in record time!

I dusted, vacuumed and rearranged the furniture then dusted and vacuumed again.  Dust-bunnies can be so crafty and hide in all sorts of places!  Nothing like moving furniture to make you feel like a failure as a housewife!!!

After an hour of panic I did find the middle section of our fake tree and started to put it together. This is our second year with a fake.  I went back and forth on this one for some time.  I have always wanted two trees: a "formal" tree and a "kiddie" tree.  Hubby did not want to buy two tree each year so our compromise was to buy a fake tree for the "formal" tree and to keep getting a fresh tree for the "kiddie" tree each year.  So glad we had a fake this year since getting a fresh tree this early would have left me with nothing but pine needles on the floor by the 25th!!! 


I also place our wedding Nativity on our sideboard.  This is Christmas piece that means the world to me!  It was a gift to Hubby and me by BK, who was the moderator of a club we were members of in college.  BK was kind enough to assist with our wedding Mass and say grace for our wedding dinner.  BK has since passed away and our Nativity is a special reminder of him during the Christmas season.

This week is shaping up to be non-stop!  Hopefully the pretty lights and Nativity will remind me to calm down.  Best to slow down and enjoy this wonderful time of year!!!


  1. Your tree looks great! Bravo on the quick decorating job!

  2. Great job and I am glad you have the nativity to remember a special friend.


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