Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crazy Like A Fox

Christmas break might be over but I have one more outing to share with you.  Two days after Christmas we loaded the kiddos in the car and headed over to Mad Fox Brewing for some quality time with our favorite brewer.  Some might feel blessed to have a doctor or a lawyer in the family.  I feel doubly blessed that my youngest brother is a brewer.  Good times or bad, he has the perfect beer for the occasion!

I am so happy that Brian really seems to have found his calling.  He lights up when he talks about brewing and all the hard work that goes into it.  Dry hops vs wet hops, draught vs cask, yeasts, malts, and a ton of other things that I have never heard of seem to make my brother so happy.  My baby brother really knows what he is talking about and how to make some awesome beer that even I, a wine drinker, enjoy.

Since my Hubby is a "beer man" I was happy to be the DD for this trip to Mad Fox.  Hubby ordered a flight of four beers in order to help make the all important decision of which to fill his growler with that day.  Brian suggested two cask beers and two beers on tap.  After much thought Hubby went with the "Orange Whip", which Bri describes as "a full bodied IPA with hints of citrus from the hops". (Hubby's note- Two thumbs up for the Orange Whip as well as the three other beers I tried. Brian and the guys at Mad Fox make some awesome beers.)  

Brian loves to chat about beer so much that he started a Twitter account just for that very purpose. You can reach out to him with any beer related questions you might have at "BrianBrewsBeer".  I know that he would just love to help you out with any brewing questions you might have.  Brian might be a Jersey boy but I promise you he is a Southern gentleman at heart!!!

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  1. My boyfriend has gotten into homebrewing and is what I call a bit of a "beer snob" so perhaps we'll have to make a trip to Mad Fox sometime soon!

    Just found your cute blog--love the name! Stop by mine and say hi sometime!


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