Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee Talk

I had been looking forward to 9am Wednesday for weeks and weeks.  We were all supposed to meet at X-Blogger's house for coffee on the 9th of January, but that was just when the flu hit our town so we rescheduled for the 16th.  But the flu was nasty and would not leave!  So we had to wait until yesterday to get together for some treats and coffee.

Man was it worth the wait!  Our sweet hostess had pumpkin bread, blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, coffee and tea to greet us on this cold morning.  (At times I do feel like X-Blogger is related to Martha Stewart ) Everything was delish!  

But I would be lying if I told you food and coffee were the only reasons why I showed up.  I showed up for my girlfriends!!!  I love how we can chat and it feels like minutes have gone by not two hours. I love how the four of us yesterday could have solved any issue whether it was PTO related or world.  Really people if we had been in charge we could have fixed anything and everything!  

The best part of the day was that those couple of hours had me giddy and smiling for the rest of the day.  I just love the power of good friends!!!


  1. Aren't friends the best?! I especially love it when girlfriend time is childless and includes coffee/yummy food or event better, alcohol. :)

  2. I feel the same way about my friends! People should ask small groups of girlfriends to solve the worlds problems!! Because we could do it!!!

  3. Pure friendship is the best gift in the word. I blogged about my best gals on Thanksgiving. Feel free to check it out:

  4. power of good friends is immenseeeeeeeeeeeeee....


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