Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winning Bid

As you may remember, B placed a bid at her school's Winter Wonderland last month.  The lucky gal won a place on her assistant principal's floor hockey team and she was just over the moon.  To say that she has been looking forward to yesterday's game would be an understatement   She might have let the AP know that she was concerned that they had not had a a single team meeting.  One might say that B is a little competitive!

It was such a fun event to watch as a parent.  The kids and adults were all laughing and having a fun time.  I will be honest, despite having played varsity field hockey and gone to a ton of my brothers' hockey games I really was not clear on the floor hockey rules. Really what game lets those on the sideline take a shot during the game?   Nonetheless I cheered on!

The only time that I might have had a mini heart attack was when B was in goal.  It was not only that fact that someone might forcefully fling a puck at my daughter's face but also the fact that she looked like an extra in a horror movie. But I digress...

Even L got in on the attraction at half time.  I have a feeling B will bidding on this item at next year's Winter Wonderland. With Hubby's money of course! 

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