Friday, January 18, 2013

The Great Mayo Debate

I have been a believer in mayonnaise for as long as I can remember. And by mayonnaise I mean Hellmann's. That was the only mayo I knew growing up. It was not until my sweet MIL gifted me with a subscription to Southern Living my first Christmas living south of the Mason Dixon line that I even knew there was "another" mayo.  It was the SL's Test Kitchen notes that clued me into this other mayonnaise brand, Duke's.  It seems to me that the South is just head over heals in love with Duke's.  For them there will be no other mayo!

I have seen Duke's next to Hellmann's at the store but old habits die hard so I just kept on buying the Hellmann's.  It was not until last week when I "pinned" a recipe for Come Back Sauce  that I saw that there was a great mayo debate.  People are really fired up on the interwebs over which mayo is the best!

I love a good debate so I felt I needed to try Duke's so I could join the discussion. This week I made my favorite sandwich with mayo: toasted whole wheat, turkey and lettuce.  (Yes I know a tomato would have been nice but we all know winter tomatoes are just not right!)  I spread Duke's on both slices of toast like I normally do and then took a bite.....

I have to be honest I could not tell that much of a difference. Although it does have more spices than Hellmann's does I did not feel like the the spices took away from or added to Duke's. That being said, Duke's was definitely "real" mayo not like that super gross Miracle Whip stuff. And in all fairness I think that I would have to make my pimento cheese with Hellman's and Duke's side by side and see if there was a clear winner.

I am looking forward to switching out my Hellman's for Duke's and seeing if I notice a difference over time. Once I have a firm feeling one way or the other I will be ready to join the great mayo debate!


  1. I don't think we have Dukes over here in AR! I am going to have to look again when I go to the store.

  2. Duke's Duke's Duke's. Also, Ina Garten praises Duke's and she is never wrong :)

  3. I'm a Duke's gal myself, but that's just because it's what my mom always bought! Plus there is this whole Southern stereotype thing that is fun to buy into. Here in NC, it's Duke's or nuthin'!

  4. I feel really silly here. I don't think I can tell any of them apart. I can tell Miracle Whip, that stuff doesn't taste right at all. Best Foods, Kraft, Hellmann's....whatever is on hand is fine for my tuna. Obviously, I have been missing out.

  5. I grew-up, like you with Hellmann's mayo. I get all bent out of shape when my hubby says, "all mayonnaise tastes the same!" I cannot stand anything but Hellmann's :-). Duke's mayo is sweet to me :-))

  6. Dukes or Nothing! Especially in deviled eggs - yum!

    Welcome to Dixie, darlin'.

    1. I have been called Baby, Beautiful and Shug but never Darlin'...I could get used to that!


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