Friday, January 25, 2013


If I am not totally wrong we live about 60 to 70 miles below the Mason Dixon Line. Growing up if you lived above the Line you lived in the North; if you lived below the Line you lived in the South. (Hubby's note- And to some of her family the South may as well be a foreign country. When I started coming to Thanksgiving dinner with her family I asked for sweet potato casserole to keep a bit of my family's traditions. You would have thought I asked for some exotic foreign dish.)  So by my calculation I am safely living in the South. And if that is true why has it been so cold here in NoVA this week!?!  Below 20 degrees for more than one day is not what I had in mind since it means that we are all getting cabin fever.

So I can not tell you how happy I was when Hubby started "shaking" a new drink from his January Julibox. Last night's recipe was for "Winter Side Car" with Xante Cognac and Disaronno Liqueur. I thought it was a great drink on a cold winter night but not Hubby. I think that it simply boils down to the fact I love Disaronno and Hubby does not like it at all. Since this was one of Hubby's Christmas presents I would have felt more guilty about liking his drink more than he did but each box comes with two drinks and I did not like the first. So by my count it's all good!

 Cheers to staying warm and the weekend my friends!


  1. Oh my gosh - is the Julibox like a cocktail of the month kind of thing?????? That is SO much fun!! I have to go google this - that would make such a fun gift! Thank you for sharing. My husband is SO hard to buy for - I have to remember this idea!!

  2. Happy Friday!! We are actually happy to see almost 20! It has been SO cold here these past few days. Brrrrr

  3. Lisa - yes,, Julibox is a cocktail of the month club. It was my Christmas gift to my Hubby this year and he really likes it.

    Gabi - stay warm and enjoy your weekend!


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