Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Sharpie Bouquet

About two years ago my daughter formed a strange obsession with Sharpie markers.  She has even added "limited addition" Sharpie marker sets to her Christmas list the last couple of years.  B shares this obsession with her Aunt so I guess it is a family thing.

When B's Aunt A graduated from graduate school this summer we thought the best gift we could give her would be some new neon Sharpies.  But as always I wanted our gift to look a little bit cuter so I asked B to turn the markers into "flowers".  Luckily for me my daughter was up for the challenge!

B took a couple of sheets of card stock and cut them down into squares.  Then using the same technique we used to make paper snowflakes, B cut out a basic flower shape. 

 I am sure that it is considered bad manners but I think it is so cute that she sticks her tongue out while concentrating on cutting.  I just take it as a sign she is working hard!

After B had cut out the flower shapes, she wanted to do a little extra so she outlined some of the petals with some of her very own Sharpies.  (I am sure that you were not surprised by that extra set.)

Once all of the flowers were carefully cut out and decorated I helped B make a small "x" in the middle of each flower.  Then we slid a Sharpie into the center "x" to make the stem of each flower.

I am super proud of my SIL and I am also proud of B giving a gift that I am sure she would have loved to keep for herself.


  1. That is such an adorable gift! I love the presentatation and sentiment. Great idea!!

  2. Your daughter is such a cutie! The sharpie flowers are a really cute idea for a gift. Perfect for my 13 year old's birthday "goody bags"….all the girls love sharpies! (me too!)

  3. Just the most perfect gift EVER! One can never have too many Sharpies and I was so touched!

  4. How Fun! I will show Sis for sure!!


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