Monday, July 15, 2013

Anniversary Dinner At Home

Day in and day out, I know that I am beyond blessed to be married to Hubby.  Just ask my brothers and they would let you know that Hubby is a saint for staying married to me for all these years. (Hubby's note- And my siblings would say the same about Eileen.) Hubby is the best friend I could have ever asked for and an awesome father.  But this weekend I found out something wonderful about him- he is an unreal cook!

For our twelfth anniversary we decided to dine at home and Hubby offered to cook dinner.  And man did he outdo himself!  Hubby and I knew that we were in the mood for scallops so I went through all of my cookbooks for a recipe that seemed worthy of an anniversary.  One recipe stood out to me, Ina Garten's Scallops Provencal from her "Barefoot In Paris" cookbook.

Even though I found the recipe in a cookbook that I had already owned I "Googled" the recipe and was glad that I did since Hubby and I had never cooked scallops at home before.  Ina's recipe was on the Food Network's website and had glowing reviews.  I find that the best part of reviews are the suggestions that others make online.  The best suggestion was to make sure you do all the prep work ahead of time and Hubby definitely agreed with this.

Hubby followed the recipe to a "T". The only thing I wish was different was that there was more! These were so delicious that one pound of scallops split between two people didn't seem like enough! 

Not to rub it in how lucky I am but Hubby did the dishes too! So glad I said "I do" 12 years ago! (Hubby's note- I'm glad she did too!)


  1. I adore scallops - especially in the Summer. I cook them a lot. Happy Anniversary.

  2. YUM! Never tried making scallops at home. Happy 12!

  3. Wishing You Both the Happiest of Anniversaries!!!!

  4. What an awesome chef he is! It looks so great! Happy Anniversary.

  5. I love the scallop recipe from Ina! One of my faves!

  6. Yum! Sounds like you have a great hubby! Cooking and Dishes- that's my idea of a perfect night!


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