Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Made It

Things are moving along just as they should this Summer. Mom and I finished up on our projects for 2013 and then promptly packed the car for the Cape. Unfortunately the weather was not that great for our long ride up but we all survived.  Just about twelve hours in the car and I didn't have to sell a single child.  Pretty good if you ask me!

And for the record I want the blogging world to know how lucky my kids are, they had the pleasure of traveling from NoVa to the Cape in an air-conditioned car with a DVD player and cell phone filled with games they enjoy. I might have only had to make the trip from NJ to the Cape when I was young but I never traveled in the lap of luxury that my kiddos do! Ok end of rant and on to the fun stuff.....

After a good night's rest we headed to Skaket Beach in Orleans. Skaket Beach is on Cape Cod Bay and is just the perfect beach for families with small children.  The Bay waters are very calm and great for exploring the natural sea-life.  M spent a ton of time with his head underwater looking for hermit crabs. I might have gotten worried a time or two that he was going to go brain dead from lack of oxygen. But maybe I should have just been happy that he has very healthy lungs?

I just wish that I had a pic of when M placed a hermit crab in L's hands. As soon as the crab came out of its shell and started walking on L's hand, he just froze. The poor boy didn't know what to do! But as soon as I told L that the crab was just tickling him he was fine with it.  Before long, M and L had filled a bucket with hermit crabs and thought they were the coolest boys ever.

They even tried to sneak a couple of crabs into a family pic.  Notice how cool they think the crabs are and how grossed out B is.  Got to love that the boys vs girl factor even comes on vacay!


  1. Your kids are adorable! Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  2. My little brother and I used to love going crabbing!

  3. The last pic is priceless!! Glad you survived the car ride. I have a 22 hour drive ahead of me in a couple of weeks when we drive #2 back to school in Lexington, VA. Not looking forward to it. Enjoy your vaca.


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