Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Woodloch Resort - Part I

I have to admit that even though I grew up about two hours away from Woodloch Resort I had never even heard of it.  Neither had my parents but we might have been the only ones! Better Home & Gardens, Family Circle and Parents have all give Woodloch awards and glowing reviews as one of America's best all-inclusive family resorts.  And I am happy to report that Woodloch completely lived up to all of the hype!!!

There were plenty of lake activities for the whole family.  Swimming, diving, paddle boats, kayaks, sailing and watering skiing were just some of the many ways you could enjoy the lake.  And if lakes are not for you, Woodloch has two outdoor and indoor pools.

When we were not having fun in the water we were far from bored!  There was so much to do.  In fact at times it felt like we did not have enough time to do it all!

My older two really loved the go-carts!  On a side-note, I am not sure that we should let M get his drivers licence.  If he had a bit of a lead foot at 8, how fast will he drive at 16? 

The bumper boats were a big hit with all of the kiddos.  And Hubby too!  He and L really had a blast "getting" everyone else.  It was pure entertainment for me to watch.

I also found out that I was not a bad shot.  Some members of my family might be sick of hearing all about my bulls eye.  And for some reason none of them thought Merida was a good nickname for me.  Personally I think it works!  I have the crazy curly red hair and all!!!

Hopefully I have not bored you to tears and you will come back to tomorrow to hear more about our trip to the Poconos.


  1. Excited for part 2! I have never heard of this place! Sounds right up my vacation alley!

  2. It looks beautiful and Iove all the activities. Nice shot.

  3. Looks like a great time... Now you know what to ask for for your bday... a bow and arrow. That'll keep everybody in line!

  4. Looks like a really wonderful place.

  5. Such a great find! It's like going to camp :)


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