Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Woodloch Resort - Part II

When describing Woodloch Resort to friends and neighbors, I say that it really reminded me of the movie "Dirty Dancing".  We had a family table for breakfast and dinner.  There were endless activities.   Plus the Social Team held contests everyday which really spoke to my competitive side!

B and myself had hoped to win big in the "Woodloch Record Breakers Contest" but the weather did not work with us.  But we had no need to worry since the Social Team had another contest, "Cake Boss" ready to go inside.

Each team was given one sheet cake, a bowl of white frosting, two secret ingredients (that had to be used) and twenty tickets that could be used to "buy" other cake decorating items.  Then the teams were told that they had 25 minutes to make a cake based on "The Wizard of Oz".  

It was a crazy 25 minutes that were over before we knew it.  While B's teen did not win, she was smiling from ear to ear the whole time.  If you ask me, that was better than any awards!!!

The sun did shine for "Family Double Dare" so of course Hubby and the older two had to join in the fun.  Even though Marc Summers was not the host of Woodloch's Double Dare it as close as you could get to being on the Nickelodeon set.  I thought it was a little bit gross but the kiddos just loved it!

After observing a week worth of Woodloch contests, this gal has taking notes and is ready if we ever go back.  Game on!!!!


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