Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doing Good With Instagram

Like many parents, we try very hard to instill in our children that Christmas is not just about getting toys.  At times it feels like an uphill battle but I keep trying!  So I cannot tell you how happy I was tonight to read A. Liz Adventures' blog post today.  Being the great sister that she is, she told everyone about the great work her sister's company is doing this Christmas season.

Simply put - you (and in my case, your daughter) run around your house a take pictures that "match" a child's wish using your Instagram account.  (Thank goodness I just got one! @lobsterpeach)   Then in the comment section you use hashtag Instaclaus and the gift. Once there are five hashtagged pictures that fit the theme of the child's wish the company will fill the child's wish.  So fun and so super easy!

A five year old loves "Toy Story".  #instaclaus #pixar

There is a six year old girl who would love a Disney Princess Make-up set.  #instaclaus #makeup

What an awesome idea that truly makes it easy to give this year!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your post about InstaClaus! My sister passed your sweet email along to me. I'm so happy that you and your daughter were able to participate. Merry Christmas!


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