Friday, December 14, 2012

Fake VS Real

This past weekend we got our second tree.  Our real tree!  Yes I know that they are a pain to take care of.  And yes I know they are a fire hazard but they make my house smell wonderful.  Irony of ironies, we buy our "real" tree every year from our local volunteer fire department.

I am not sure about other children but my kiddos love each and every single ornament that they make.  And they do seem to make a ton!!!  I do not have the heart to toss any of these handmade beauties out, which is why we have two trees!

One, the fake tree,  is filled with tiny white lights, glass bulb ornaments and gold ribbon.  It is a tree that I think Southern Living might like...maybe.

The other, the "real" tree, is lit by colorful C7 bulbs.  Side note, the fact that Hubby had such a love for the C7 bulbs was a HUGE sign to me that we were going to be married and have wonderful family.  Don't you just love it went you know something was meant to be!?!

The "real" tree is also filled with colorful ornaments that have so much meaning.  Most are either kiddo made or a Star Wars character but a few are part of an inside joke between me and Hubby.  Long story but the lawn gnome really makes my Hubby laugh!

So I guess it should come as no surprise....I love our "real" tree more than the "fake".  Colorful and meaningful gets me everytime!!!


  1. I love that you have 2 trees....and the ornaments my boys have made over the years are always fun to pull out the box!

    Merry merry to you and yours!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. We have two trees is my pretty tree with beautiful jeweled ornaments and the other one is the hodge podge one!

  3. Shug, love the ornament of Cinnamon, our kindergarten bunny! xo

  4. We do the SAME thing! Artificial in the foyer with fancy ornaments....real/family tree in the living room with giant old school bulbs!


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