Monday, December 17, 2012

Not Store Bought Nog

I have been blessed to have many wonderful friends in NoVa.  These are dear friends that I know I could call at any hour of the day if we needed help.  In fact they feel more like family than just friends! 

So in the Christmas spirit we invited our near and dear friends over on Saturday night.  I started preparing for Saturday's dinner on Friday night.  I cleaned and made sauce for the lasagna but most importantly I made the egg nog!

Nine years ago a co-worker from Harold's (a now defunct clothing store) shared with me her family recipe for egg nog after much begging on my part.  The recipe calls for a LOT of eggs (separated), 2 pounds of powdered sugar, heavy cream, whole milk and too many cups of bourbon (Hubby's note- there is no such thing as too many cups of bourbon). Once mixed the egg nog in poured into 12 mason jars in true "Moonshiners" fashion.  

After dinner and crafts each family leaves with a jar of egg nog.  I have been told that it is a great "adult" goodie bag.  I hope it is since my friends deserve the best!


  1. My neighbor makes this, too. In fact, your recipe sounds like his. It has to ferment for a week...or so. It is so delicious, but I don't have the patience to make it.

  2. Oh yum! I've always wanted to make homemade eggnog, but the time involved always makes it seem so daunting! I love how you put it in the mason jars :)


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