Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rose And Thorn

This is the season for hustle and bustle!   So much to do but so little time!!! Which is why I really enjoy a boring old Monday night family dinner.  No crazy menu that takes forever to make.  And no need to clean the house from top to bottom since my kiddos are not impressed by an immaculate house.

While B was still in preschool we started doing "rose and thorn" at the dinner table.  Each person at the dinner table informs the rest of the best thing that happened that day (the rose) and the worst thing that happened that day (the thorn).

Some days the thorns are hard to hear but I would rather hear about them then have my children hold them in!  (Side note - how cute are B's pink and green nails?)

Lucky, Hubby and I have been blessed to hear many "roses" at our family dinner table! And no matter what comes during Rose and Thorn, our kiddos seem to just make each other laugh.  And laugh and laugh! 

If a child's laughter is not a "rose" I don't know what is!  What do you do to get your children to share the highs and lows of their day?


  1. I like the Rose and Thorn idea :) We (not always, but if I remember) share three things about the day, but one is made up and we have to guess what the made up one is. Don't always hear the bad, but it makes for some fun guessing!

  2. I LOVE this idea! Guess who's going to be doing this tonight ?? :-)


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