Thursday, December 27, 2012

Share Share It's Only Fair

I have been dying to tell you about one of my gifts for Hubby but since he is my editor I had to hold off until now.  In November when everyone was pinning gift ideas I saw multiple pins for a cocktail of the month club which led me to Julibox.  I just knew that it was perfect for Hubby!

Once a month Julibox will mail Hubby a package with two recipe cards and the fixins for two of each cocktail for total of four cocktails a month.  Last night Hubby was kind enough to shake up two Magi Sours for us to enjoy while relaxing with some of our Christmas books. (Hubby's note- The drinks were really good. Fingers crossed the next month or two includes whiskey and/or bourbon. For the record if you or your significant other like rye whiskey try Catoctin Creek, it is another NoVA product worth a try.) 


After a cold and icy day a yummy cocktail and a good book was the perfect way to end the day.  I hope you were able to relax and enjoy Boxing Day too! (Hubby's note- Neither of the two books above are mine. I'm not really a "Ten Girls to Watch" kind of guy.)


  1. What a great gift. I didn't know he was your editor...that would not work for me. I have all my secret planning going on and then I would have to get feedback I really don't want to hear.

  2. I love this gift idea! Maybe a fun birthday gift for my husband??


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