Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wouldn't You Be My Neighbor

When we moved from our townhouse to our current house there was no neighborhood to check out since it was all new construction   And it would be a lie if I told you that didn't make me nervous   "What would my new neighbors be like" was a thought that ran through my mind a lot!  Since there were no house to drive by and/or stalk, we really had no idea what we going to get.

I can't not tell you how lucky we were!   Hubby, myself and the kiddos love our 'hood!!!  And this weekend we got to hang out with them at our annual cul-de-sac Christmas party.  In October the ladies came over to my house for coffee and we picked our date.  Since it is always a progressive dinner, we also assigned three houses a course and "teams" to each house.  This year our house was the "dinner" house.

After a week of projects and cleaning I finally had the house ready by Saturday night.  And I have made up my mind - the rug in our dinning room must go!!!  Plus it will be getting a fresh coat of paint once we replace our front door that was damaged during Sandy.

So for one and a half hours, 15 adults and 18 kiddos enjoyed a dinner of spiral ham, roasted lemon and garlic chicken, green beans, twice baked potatoes and biscuits.  Sounds like a southern Christmas dinner to me.  But I could be wrong since I am a Jersey girl.

I have to say that I enjoyed the "dessert" house the most.  It was nice to not have to worry about being in charge of anything at that point.

Plus our sweet dessert hostess remembered B and L's food issues.  Dessert Wiz A made not one but two gluten free desserts and if you were not told they were g-free you would have never known.  Wiz A made a flourless chocolate cake which was unreal!  She also made chocolate chip dough truffles  which were not only gluten free but also egg free.  A win win in my book!

We all had a wonderful night with great neighbors.  L even enjoyed dinner the next day as his breakfast.  What Southern boy would not enjoy ham and biscuits on Sunday?


  1. Looks like you all had fun. How sweet for neighbors to make gluten free for your kids.

  2. Ive never been to one of those, but it looks like a blast, and not too much work for any one household ( except for cleaning!) Thanks for stopping by!
    xo Nancy

  3. What a fun neighborhood tradition!

  4. Twice baked potatoes....I need that recipe. What a lovely gathering of neighbors. Some of my neighbors are too old for this type of thing.

  5. So happy for you! Your new home looks like home :)


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