Monday, December 10, 2012

Date-night With B

Last Monday and Tuesday B was home with a fever and cough. She bounced back but then on Thursday night M started to down that same hill. Poor boy had to miss "Fantastic Friday" and the PTO's Winter Wonderland at school. Thankfully B had recovered enough so I took her to Winter Wonderland. Is it wrong that after a week of being stuck in the house with sick kiddos that I not only put on "date-night make-up" but also curled my hair?

B had a wonderful time bidding on a couple of the Winter Wonderland silent auction items.  Then she really honed in on one and was not leaving until she felt that she was going to win.  So competitive...really have no idea where she gets it from!

While we were waiting on the silent auction B made a couple of gifts for friends and family.  I love that the "Children's Workshop" was handmade projects.  I would pay money any day for my children to make a craft but I don't think that I would have enjoyed B just buying "5 and dime" stuff.  What parent wants more junk I ask you!?!

Happy to report that B did in fact place a winning bid.  She and Hubby are still debating who should pay for said bid....


  1. Did M win his auction item as well??

  2. I love that shirt! I've almost gotten it at least three times, and I think I did get it for my sister for Christmas. Is that bad that I've gotten her so many gifts that I can't remember? I sent one box of Christmas gifts home two weeks ago and another goes out later this week. The Winter Wonderland sounds like fun! Have a great Monday

  3. I'm sure I would have gotten dressed up too! :) Being stuck home with sick kids for a week is never fun. Glad people are on the mend! Sounds like a fun time was had with B. I wonder who will pay her bid??? ;)

  4. Sounds like fun! My whole family has taken turns getting sick this past week...tis the season!


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