Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally Done!

I am happy to finally announce that M's desk is complete!  What I thought would be a simple sand and paint job turned into a big project but I think all of the work was worth it.  Who knew that I could strip the old paint, sand, paint the legs and stain the top?  It was so nice to do more than I thought I could do and to be please with the outcome! 

When the desk was finally dried we moved it up to M's room but we were missing the right chair for the desk.  I knew the look I was going for, old fashioned school issued chair with a modern feel.  I was able to find chairs that fit that description at a number of stores but those chairs did not fit my budget.  I am a mother of three children, two of whom are high energy boys under the age of ten.  I saw no need to spend over $120 on one chair that I was really not sure would last for real long. So the search continued...

After many searches on the internet I found just what I needed at  I have never order from Overstock before since the reviews can be all over the place but I had a coupon code and could also get a rebate from Ebate's.  So for less than $120 I got not one but two metal "navy style" chairs.  While I was nervous about how they would look when they got here, I was really happy with the chairs.  I got an awesome deal and the chairs seem indestructible.  Win -win if you ask me!

Now all I have to do is find a desk like M's and refinish it for L.  Lucky for me, L has awhile before he needs a desk for his school work!

You can read all about M's desk "journey" here! And you can also find me at No Minimalist Here andSavvy Southern Style.


  1. Looks perfect for a growing boy! It is so exhilarating to finish a project especially when you do something you didn't know you had in you. Way to go!

  2. Love the chairs and good work finding a deal!!

  3. Looks great! You did a great job!!

  4. There's nothing like nice sturdy furniture for a boy. You did a great job.


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