Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I am sure our weekend was like many of your's - super busy!  I don't think that we could have packed more activities into our long weekend even if we tried!!!  The weekend started with B's field hockey team playing in a tournament in Richmond, VA.

Hubby was more than happy to accompany our number 30 to her second tournament.  By both accounts it sounds like they had a wonderful time in Richmond.  Friday night they enjoyed a nice father-daughter date-night at Firebirds.  (B loved her salad, the BLT Chopped Salad, so much she has asked me to try and recreate it.  I will let you now how that goes.)  Luckily for Hubby, B was so filled with energy and excitement that she kept the conversation going all by herself even as she pounded down the steak she ordered.  Then they turned in early since they had to be at the fields by 7:15am the next day.

All day on Saturday I keep my cell phone close by so I could get updates from Hubby.  Hubby totally kept me in the loop with text messaging me the scores and info on the other teams.  B's team played so well all day long.  And I am happy to report that after six games, B's team placed second! (Hubby's note- It was a long day but a lot of fun. It is just awesome to watch your child do something they so clearly love and that makes them so happy.)

And lest you think that boys were neglected....I promise they were spoiled just rotten by my in-laws!  The boys were treated to pizza, ice cream, a visit with cousins and a trip to local street festival filled with games.  

Someday, if I am lucky, I will come back as one of my children!  Do you ever feel that way too?

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