Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keeping It Real

Like most bloggers, I try to keep thing positive and highlight the "highs" here at Lobster Meets Peach. But just like everyone else things do not always go as planned. So I thought I would keep things real and let you know how our plans for a nice Mother's Day breakfast did not go the way things were intended to go.

I was so excited that my Mom would be here for Mother's Day because I have not gotten to spend many Mother's Days with her since I became a mother myself.  My family had to get on the road before noon to head back to the other side of the Mason Dixon line so Hubby and the kiddos planned a nice morning for both of us. We were going to enjoy coffee, tea and buttered croissants on our deck while we sat in the morning sun.

Things were going well until L headed back inside for something and the wind caused the door to slam shut on his finger.  Not sure if it is just me but I knew that something was really wrong simply by the way poor L cried.  We all rushed and got his finger out of the door and quickly had his hand elevated with ice on it.  It was decided after Hubby, Mom and I got a good look at his finger that he needed a trip to the urgent care.  After a relatively quick short time at the doc-in-a-box we got word L was basically fine. Thank God his finger was not broken and only need to be "glued"!!!  And since L thought his bandages made him look like a ninja he was ok with the whole ordeal.

While the morning did not go as planned the day did get better once L was home from the urgent care.  And when L asked for a tv show and a cuddle in the basement there was no way this mom could say no!


  1. Hope that little sweetie feels better soon!

  2. Oh no- I have a fear of this in our house bc when we open both the front and back doors there is a pretty nasty suction! Glad it turned out ok and I am sure he feels super cool with that bandage :)


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