Monday, May 6, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

I do not think that we could have packed one more activity into this past weekend.  I mean it was not stop action from the moment the kiddos got off the bus this past Friday!  My in-laws kindly came to our house in time to greet the older two off the school bus while I packed the car for B's first ever field hockey travel tournament.  As soon as the car was all packed, B and I were off to Pennsylvania!

The whole car ride up B was bubbling with nervous energy.  It was too cute how she could not stop chatting!  God-willing she will be this chatty with me for years to come!!!  She might have been so willing to talk since I let her pick all of the music.  I listened to more One Direction than one adult should have to in a lifetime.  Honestly I am a little worried since she thinks that they really are good musicians.  Hopefully she will see the error of her ways before she reaches college.

I have to be honest, I was a nervous wreck about this tournament   You see these girls practice together twice a week as well as play on rec teams but they have yet to play a game together as a team.  It is one thing to pratice together, it is another to play a game together.  But this mom had no need to worry, they were great!  The girls won three out of their four games and came in second place.  The best part for me was that my father got to see Betsy play and we both enjoyed her beaming smile every time she came off the field!

While it was nice to get away for a bit with B and enjoy many girly giggles, there was too much to be done at home.  So after B's last game we headed home.  M has a big event coming up and I needed to make sure that he has the proper outfit for his big day.  We might not be Kennedys but look at these two!  How could you not vote for them!?! (Hubby's note: With the lip biting and thumbs up L looks like he is doing a Bill Clinton impression.)

After spending what I am sure Hubby thought was too much money at the mall (Hubby's note: That is the correct assessment) we headed to Lowes.  Since we will be having so many guests for M's big day I felt like our house needed some new accessories too.  I might not be known for having a green thumb but I do think my planters look pretty good if I do say so myself. Hopefully they will look just as pretty next Saturday!


  1. Heading to Lowes today! Thx for the tip....we are in desperate need of some new planters!!! Congrats to Betsy too!!!! :)

  2. Maybe you can catch a nap this week! I noticed you asked if I had bought an elliptical
    or go to the gym. I go to a small gym here in town. Your potted plants are going to look great!


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