Wednesday, March 20, 2013

B Made It!

Yesterday day was a very big day for B.  Not only was it was it the school science fair but she was also expecting big news.  For the past two weekends B has been playing her heart out in the hopes of making her field hockey club's travel team.

I have to be honest and let you know that I had mixed emotions about my ten year old trying out for a travel team.  On one hand I would love for B to play with girls that care as much about field hockey as she does but on the other hand she is only ten!  I fear that my children will not be able to be kids for as long as I was able to and that is heartbreaking.  But after much discussion with B and Hubby we decided to let her try out.  And man did she give it her all!!!

After the last evaluation on Sunday the coaches told the girls that they would hear on Tuesday whether they made the team or not.  Well I am happy to let y'all know that B made the team!  And she is just giddy!!!

Since the "big news" came on a Tuesday and we had to have a quick dinner due to the science fair, I decided to make on of B's most favorite sandwiches: bacon, lettuce and advocado on gluten free bread.  B calls them "BLA" (pronounced "blah") sandwiches which always gets a laugh from her brothers.

Nothing wrong with celebrating with a little bacon in my book!


  1. Yay. Congratulations on her making the team! I know any travel teams around here are super competitive so that is fantastic. I feel you on them growing up too quick. Makes me want to have a third baby!

  2. that sandwich looks delicious and congrats to her!!!


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