Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hippos and Spys

This past Valentines Day Hubby and I gave the kiddos books for their Valentines day treats. All of the kids were super excited for their new books and everyone started reading that night.  B decided to start with Stuart Gibbs' "Belly Up" which I happily read out loud to her when she was so sick to her tummy.  I really got it to the book and was so happy when B finished the book and lent it to me.  For being a "young adult book" it really impressed me!

From Booklist: 

"Henry the hippo is dead. Yes, the signature denizen of America’s newest and largest zoo has been found belly up in his highly, uh, unsanitary habitat (hippos are extraordinarily regular in their habits, so to speak). But there’s worse to come when 12-year-old Teddy begins to suspect it’s murder most foul and—in the fine tradition of mysteries for youth—sets out to solve the crime by himself. Well, he does have some help from beautiful Summer, the 13-year-old daughter of the zoo’s fantastically wealthy owner. Who could have dunnit? Large Marge, the surly security guard who has a cold spot in her heart for Teddy? Charlie Connor, the midget clown who’s hated Henry ever since the testy hippo took a bite out of him? Or could it be a guerrilla act perpetrated by the anti-zoo Animal Liberation Front? First-novelist Gibbs offers no shortage of suspects in his fast-paced story, which deftly mixes humor and suspense. Cleverly plotted—aside from one hippo-sized deus ex machina moment—this book is an auspicious debut that will leave readers clamoring for more. Grades 5-7." 

Belly Up

B and I both loved the book so much we quickly downloaded Stuart Gibb's book "Spy School".  And we both enjoyed that book as well!

Now I need you friends to suggests some "grown-up" books for me!  Can't wait to hear what you suggest....


  1. I loved the American Heiress if you haven't read that yet.

  2. I did a book post a few days ago. Go check it out. American Heiress was one of them. So good!

  3. Well that will have to be a book on our book list when K is older. I also believe that the gift of reading is one of the best gifts you can give your children. K is in kindergarten and is reading on a third grade level. She will choose a book over a toy any day! I love how you chose books for Valentine's. K got a Valentine book/activity books in her Valentine's basket! Nice to meet you! Summer


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