Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Cousins

Growing up I was blessed to have a ton of cousins that lived close enough that we saw them a lot while we were growing up. I always looked forward to seeing them when I was young and I still love to see them. In fact I might have been a little sad this past weekend when none of them were home in Avon. I felt like I was missing a chance to see a friend in their hometown.

So I was more than happy to host all of my kiddos' cousins yesterday for a little play date. I just love how happy my kids are to have them over.  In fact they even cleaned the toy pit (read basement) without complaining. Note to self, have the cousins over more!!!

After a long 'photo shoot" there was not really a perfect pic but somehow that works for this group. While at times they might be a motley crew they just melt my heart!


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