Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birthday Dinner

I love that our children love to play sports and run around outside but I was so grateful that M's lacrosse practice was cancelled on Tuesday night.  Since there was no practice we were all able to sit down and enjoy M's birthday dinner without being super rushed.  Sports have their time and place but a boy does deserve a special birthday dinner if you ask this mom!

We let our children pick what they would like to have for their birthday dinner and I believe that M has picked Moe's for the last four birthdays.  I can't complain - it meant a night "off" from the kitchen!

I am getting worried about how much food we will go through in a week once my two boys are in high school.  I remember how much my younger brothers use to eat and I fear I might need to get a part-time job to cover my boys' food bill!

After dinner, M enthusiastically unwrapped all of his presents.  The picture above clearly shows M's excitement for his new Star Wars Lego set but what the picture does not show is that Hubby is equally excited!  Hubby and M have plans to build this weekend. (Hubby's note- It's a TIE fighter, who wouldn't be excited to build it?)

After presents it was time for dessert.  M had requested root beer floats which was easy enough.  However it was tricky getting a candle to stay straight in the float.  What I learned was that you needed an extra long candle which luckily are easy to come by nowadays.

It was a great dinner for all of us.  Much like Christmas, I so enjoy my children's birthdays.  How wonderful is it to re-live a bit of your own childhood through their eyes?

*I was not sure about not having a formal rug in the dining room but I got over it.  Clean up was so much easier without a rug!*


  1. 1. Yeah for canceled practice!
    2. I share your concern about feeding my day at a time I guess:-)
    3. My dining room is rugless too and yes clean yous much easier.

    Again, Happy Birthday M!

  2. Love the pic of him opening the gift! So cute!

  3. Such a cutie! I agree about how much the boys eat!

  4. Cuties. Looks like a fun birthday dinner and I love that excitement on your son's face!!


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