Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Pretties

Slowly but surely this home is getting ready for Easter.  I was able to brighten up the front table with some pretty pink tulips.  And unlike last time, I did double and triple check to make sure no decorations from St Patrick's Day were still out.  But I do have to admit that while moving the living room carpet around I did find some pine needles from Christmas - oh well!

I also put out some colorful Easter candy in jars and a cupcake cloche that I got from Home Goods.  Is it just me or has Home Goods had some great finds some lately?  I feel like I should be going once a week so I don't miss anything.  But I am sure Hubby disagrees!

Hopefully it will warm up a bit for Easter!!!

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  1. I did a candy "bar" with mason jars in my kitchen! I love the bunny in the Cadbury eggs idea!!!

  2. How cute!! I can get in serious trouble at Home Goods!

  3. I love tulips, and this looks great. I just discovered a new Homegoods not far from me that is not popular. I am so excited because the lines are short and the supply is great!

  4. I switched up our foyer table this week and uncovered a few pine needles too...oops!
    Love the candy display.

  5. I love your candy display! I'm borrowing that one! ;)

  6. Love your little candy bar. I LOVE Homegoods!!

  7. Home Goods does have some great things...all the time! Easter candy looks so pretty in your glass jars.
    I'm a new follower, and we might be neighbors. I live in Leesburg.
    Mary Alice


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