Friday, March 15, 2013

Forcing Spring

Yesterday the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately it was cold and super windy! Poor L, my great outdoorsman, could not handle the cold wind. So inside we went to take care of some boring chores but atleast we could feel our toes!

After some "boring" cleaning, L and I went to the basement and got our Easter bin out of storage. L got so excited when he saw he Easter basket and I fear he still does not understand how long he has to wait to see if the Easter Bunny leaves him some candy.

We cleaned off the mantel and got to work. First I placed my crystal candle stick-holders on the mantel with white and pink candles. I love the way they catch the sunlight and brighten up the whole room. I added one of my antique mint julip cups with some greens. Finally, L and I placed some of my ceramic bunnies.

There may have been more productive ways to spend the day but after coming home from M's freezing lacrosse practice I was happy to have a bit of Spring in the home!

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  1. I need some spring around here! It's cold and windy in NJ today. Love the bunnies.

  2. It was freezing yesterday! I love your fireplace/mantle. That's it! You inspired me to go treat myself to a little bunny today.

  3. I love the bunnies, they are so sweet! Even if it is snowing outside you should feel like it is spring because your mantel looks so pretty :)

  4. It's been snowing here so any thing I can do to bring in a bit of spring is a good thing! Love the cute bunnies!

  5. Very cute! I am visiting you via No Minimalist Here. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. I am hosting a Giveaway for my blog's birthday. Please join in if you like it :)

  6. Loving your combo of white and pink candles - it is unexpected and very fresh! Happy Thursday from the enchanted oven.


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