Friday, March 8, 2013

Gifts from the Homeland

I am a giddy gal!  My parents are coming for a long over due visit and they are bringing gifts!!!  My father graciously went and got a dozen bagels for Hubby, M and myself.  Hubby will simply cut his bagel and put cream cheese on it.  M and I believe in toasting our bagel before we coat it in cream cheese.  And if it was not for Lent we would all be enjoying Taylor Ham and cheese on our bagels. 

As if bagels from Jersey were not gifts enough, my mother is gifting me with my Great Aunt Peggy's Hope Chest.  Can't wait to show you how we style it in its new home!


  1. Yum!! No bagels in the south are ever as good the NYC area ones. Must be the water up there!

  2. Hope you have a great weekend with your parents! (and your bagels :)

  3. I once flew home with a dozen hot bagels on my lap, wrapped in foil so my friends could experience an authentic bagel. We have a place called Bodo's Bagels that people are wild for down here and it's close, but not the real deal. There's something about bagels from home. :)


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