Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Duct Tape Does It Again!

Yesterday was the first day of our Spring Break but it did not feel like Spring at all.  We woke up to more snow than I ever want to see on Spring Break ever again!  It was not an "outside" day so we spent the time working on crafts.

B was kind enough to let me take a ton of pictures of her while she worked on some duct tape coin purses today.  Secretly, I think she loves being a regular feature on the blog!

First B started by cutting four pieces of duct tape about the same size.  Then she cut a fifth piece which she then cut into thirds lengthwise.

B started making "duct tape fabric" just like she did when she made the duct tape bows.  Carefully laying one piece of tape on top of the other piece to make a seam.

Then B takes the last two big pieces and carefully lines them up.  Sticky side is placed onto sticky side in order to create the "fabric".  

Once B has smoothed out her fabric, she folds the bottom up about 3/4 of the way.

Next B takes one of the smaller strips of duct tape and trims it to size.  B uses this piece to wrap the side of the pouch.  She repeats this process on the other side of the pouch.

Then B holds down the top of the duct tape fabric and holds it in place with a left-over piece of duct tape.  (B wanted to let you know that you could also use velcro with a sticky backing too.)  The duct tape clasp can be open and closed many times.  Duct really is a wonder product!!!

Finally, B raided her father's change tray and filled her new coin purse with her Daddy's spare change (Hubby's note- This was news to me as I edited this).  Maybe if I smile as sweet as she does, I could raid Hubby's wallet and start some re-decorating projects.  Dare to dream right!?!


  1. This project is perfect for my 10 yr old stepdaughter! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a great project! We protested snow yesterday and stayed inside also.

  3. Look at Martha Stewart! Ha! Funny about duct-tape being ever-so-popular!

  4. Very cute...I need to show my daughter this.


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