Monday, March 25, 2013

Jersey Shore

This past weekend B and I took a trip up to Jersey to visit with my family. Before we knew it we were at the Shore since there was no traffic at all.  For all those not from Jersey, we call all of our beach towns "the Shore". Once you at the Shore you might take a walk to the beach like B and I did with my father.

I have to be honest and say that I could not believe all the damage still left from Sandy this past October.  My uncle sent us all updates and photos. My Gram had to abandon her home until right before Christmas.  My mother told me that it was unlike anything she had ever seen at the Shore. With all that info I was still not prepared for what I saw.  

There was none of the old boardwalk left in Avon. None at all! I have walked the boards in Avon for my whole life and it was truly heartbreaking to see that there was nothing left. But in true Jersey Spirit, the beach was louder than normal. All of the cranes were working and the beach had a bunch of construction workers.  

I could have been sad that I didn't get to walk the boards or feel the sand but I was not. The Avon beach front might not be at its best and many small business have a very long road ahead but so many people are working to make the Shore even better than it was before Sandy. We call that being "Jersey Strong". We might get knocked down but we always come back stronger than ever!!!! 


  1. I feel so bad for all those residents and businesses. Hopefully the boardwalk will be restored in time for the summer and tourist season.

  2. wow that is so so sad! I had some friends from the DC area who used to go to Avon. Hopefully all will be restored eventually!

  3. So sad to see it like that but to see everything being rebuilt is encouraging. When I was younger I used to spend summers in the Spring Lake area and have been to Avon many times. Is Vic's still there in Bradley Beach?

    We usually go to Seaside Park with family now so I have been keeping up with the rebuilding of the boardwalk down there. They just pulled down the ferris wheel the other day and I watched the video on facebook. If you "like" Jersey Shore Hurricane News on facebook, you can keep up with all the rebuilding too. It's pretty amazing.


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