Friday, November 9, 2012

Starting Fresh

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday L is in preschool.  He calls Thursday and Friday "Momma and L Days".  (That four year old sure knows how to make his momma smile!) Yesterday L was kind enough to work with me as I packed up all of our Halloween decorations.  When we had finished packing up and dusting the mantel looked like a blank canvas.

After homework and dinner I had a couple of minutes to work on the mantel.  I must say I was pleased with my quick set-up.

Somethings I feel like it is easier to re-do the mantel if I clear off the past theme, dust and walk away.  Then later I can come back and start fresh!

No matter where I have lived, up North or down South I feel that I have always had so much to be grateful for.  Which is why I think Thanksgiving has always been my most favorite holiday and I hope it always is.

1 comment:

  1. Your mantel looks great! It's nice to see that you love Thanksgiving so much. I agree with you-so much to be grateful for and a perfect time to remember it.


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