Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cool App

Every Thursday L and I spend about an hour at his allergist's office for his weekly allergy shoots. We have been doing this since August and I have to say the little guy is a pretty good sport about the whole thing. I am not sure I would have been as stoic at the tender age of 5!

The fact that he gets to play on my iPhone, uninterrupted, might have something to do with it. Today was not really that different. L played but this week he did not play many games. He was more into the Waterlogue App. Simply put - this App takes your pictures and turns it into a watercolor painting.



This app really helped us pass the time today. Not to mention that the older two thought it was super cool too!

What new apps have you been using to pass the time?


  1. Very cool. I like to paint, and this would help. Kind of like "paint by numbers" if I could use it as a guide. (I didn't say I was any good!)

  2. I thought you had a watercolor done of your son on the! I'll have to check it out. I don't have any fun apps...I mostly play around on my Craig's List app looking for treasures!

  3. I love this!! Have you seen the lego app that does this in lego's? My son loved that one,

  4. This is all over Instagram right now. I think it's awesome!

  5. Just uploaded this app when I saw it over at Sherry's, I will have so much fun with this!


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