Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No School This Week

I can not believe I am typing this but I just got the phone call from our schools and was informed that my kiddos are off for the rest of the week. That means that they will not go to school at all this week! They were off on Monday for MLK Day and the rest of the days are snow days. Four snow days!

Don't get me wrong, I love having my kiddos home for a snow day or two but four does seem like a bit much. This must be a NoVa thing because my mother still will have to go to school tomorrow and they had way more snow that we did. 


So help a gal out, what are your favorite snow day activities? #cabinfever


  1. Wow an entire week??? I was SURE mine would go back tomorrow and we just got the call that school is cancelled tomorrow too! Unfortunately I have to work, but I used to love to bake and play board games with the kids, as well as snuggle on the couch and watch movies with popcorn and hot cocoa....and of course playing in the snow!

    Stay warm and cozy!!!

  2. I'm in Richmond and we've had the last two days off. Tomorrow, as a teacher, I have to return 2 hours late, but the kids don't have to come in. I'm actually relieved to go back and get some work done in my room sans kids...I've started to go a little stir crazy!

  3. We usually do chores in the morning and some reading the morning, then we do something fun like watch a movie at home in the afternoon! Good luck and stay warm!

  4. Gracious! I lived in Alexandria for 6 years and I do not miss those winters. We play board games, build forts and play a lot of hide and go seek...... But my wee ones are only 3 and 5 - easy to please. I also get on the computer and start planning summer excursions with them :). Here's hoping you thaw out soon!

  5. We only have hurricane days, and when that happens, we get the #*!# out of there!
    But really, if you are stuck, just relax, read books and bake cookies. Reviewing multiplication tables is optional.

  6. Have any 1,000 piece puzzles laying around? And of course tons of board games.... Monopoly can last for days;)


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