Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"American Hustle"

After way too much time stuck inside, Hubby and I got a sitter for the kiddos this past weekend. Since Hubby and I are both fans of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Copper, we had to see American Hustle. You know I love our children but sometimes a couple needs time away. Even if for just a movie!

According to IMDB - A con man, Irving Rosenfeld (played by Christian Bale), along with his seductive British partner, Sydney Prosser (played by Amy Adams), is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso (played by Bradley Copper). DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia.

It has been over two days since we saw the movie and I have to say I am still not sure what I thought of it. Yes it was an entertaining story and I could see how all of the actors must have loved playing these over the top characters. The costumes, make-up and hair styles were so well done. Yet the story line seemed weak and the pace of the movie was not consistent. I am just not buying that this was the best movie of the year. Anyone else agree?


  1. I think I might wait for this one to come On Demand. By the way, I spent about an hour searching your blog for the great website for fabric. Thanks for the tip. I am definitely going to order thru Fabric Guru.

  2. I have not seen it yet. I wanted to go, but my two older daughters went with their boyfriends (not together) and didn't have anything great to say about it. They did say they wished Jennifer Lawrence was in the movie more because her character was the best. Probably will wait until I can watch it at home.

  3. I've heard so so things about it, so I'm not dying to see it. I did see 12 Years a Slave and I loved loved loved it.

  4. I thought it was pretty interesting and I liked that it was different from anything else I've seen before (not the same formula as so many movies in the genre), but I wasn't blown away by it. So, no I don't think it's the best movie of the year either.

  5. This movie is NOT calling my name at the movie theater. I am ALL ABOUT the comedies, and this one doesn't look like I will be laughing during it, LOL!

  6. I agree - very simple story really, acting was ok and all, but not BEST PICTURE for the OSCAR's for me.


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