Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tournament Weekend

Did y'all enjoy the long weekend?  Around these parts a long weekend means it's a tournament weekend and this past weekend was no different. Hubby got to take B to her last tournament so it was my turn to take her. Honestly I am not sure who was looking forward to this tournament more, B or me?

I hope you will forgive me but there was no way I could not post a ton of pics of B. She played so well and clearly had fun for the whole tournament!

I just love watching B play field hockey. Win or lose, B left the court with a huge smile after every game which makes it all worthwhile!


  1. Love this pics! I am the same way with the baseball, football, and cheering pictures! Glad you had a wonderful weekend! As crazy busy as I am with the kids' activities, I know I am going to miss this!

  2. You captured some wonderful action shots. Way to go B!!!

  3. Field hockey is such a fun sport! I played in high school and wish I had started earlier.

  4. These are such wonderful photos. I loved field hockey when I was younger.


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