Monday, January 27, 2014

Back To Reality

After an unexpected week off of school the older two were finally back to school this morning. God willing we will have a normal week of school for everyone. While it was lovely to have a surprise winter vacation, it will be nice to get back to a routine. I really struggled to keep up with my blog with three kiddos stuck in the house. Hopefully things will get back to normal this week.


L was not as happy as I was that the schools were open today. Poor boy didn't know what to do without his adoring fans. Hopefully he will have a better day tomorrow! (Hubby's note- This picture kills me! Makes me laugh every time I see it. L looks a bit like Popeye in it.)


  1. Oh my that face!!! Our baby of the family eagerly awakes the return of his siblings after school too.

  2. Bless his little heart! That's a face that will make you give him anything he wants!
    Unfortunately, our schools will be closed tomorrow, and perhaps the next day too!!!!
    But my sweet boys are older and their sad faces aren't as tragic.


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